History of Maximum Miracle Center

Early Days of Bishop Muiru as an Evangelist

The ministry began way back in 1994 at a famous grounds in the city where lunch hour meetings were held. By then, he was known as Evangelist Pius Muiru who was connected to a Tanzanian choir that used to minister from 12:30 - 2:00pm, Monday to Friday. This meetings continued for two years before even the name Maximum Miracle Centre was birthed. It was then evident after the choir had left, that the call upon Pius was great and now the name Maximum was birthed. Rev Lucy who by then was known as sister Lucy, had a burden for ladies and also the ministry to grow, sought for ways to expand this gospel beyond the lunch hour services. Many people got saved through this lunch hour meetings and there was a need to be pastored and hence a hall was located for hiring in the CBD of Nairobi and the lunch hour services were then transferred to an indoor arena. People then flocked in thousands to attend and most of the faithfuls received Christ, miracles and grew in many aspects.

Massive National Healing Crusades mid 90s

Evangelist Pius then decided to reach through open air meetings in the city streets every evening. This attracted the people who were in the cooperate world on their way home and a new demand was placed on the ministry. Another auditorium was sort for evening services. Evangelist then began going round the estates of Nairobi with crusades. These meetings brought a tremendous growth and now Sunday services had to be introduced. The services now were a defining moment for the ministry of Maximum because the people who would come for the services were the members and main support system.

Maximum Miracle Centre Today at Embassy Cinema

Radio programs on the main broadcasting station of the nation began. This was then followed by a TV program dubbed Kuna Nuru Gizani (light in darkness) that now introduced Pius to the nation. It was now a time of a great revolution where crusades were held as we transversed the whole nation with a minimum attendance of 5,000 people in every crusade. Pastor Pius Muiru became a house hold name in the country and at this point it was evident that Bishop Pius Muiru was raised for the nation of Kenya. We hired everything form the sound equipments, to the vehicles and auditoriums. To date, God has supplied the ministry with everything we used to hire including an auditorium in the city centre and a TV station that is still developing.