Youth Ministry


As vibrant as David was in the bible, in our day and time, the youth at Maximum emulate the passion and zeal to express Christ in a diverse and unique way. They have ministered to over 2,000 high schools in the country winning souls, teaching on purpose and bringing up generations to the realization of their uniqueness on earth.
The ministry headed by Pastor Andrew Young Muiru, has seen the youths develop their potential through being active in ministry and also entrepreneurship. Andrew has been used to raise leaders who are effective not only in church but also in the cooperate world.

Women Ministry


As Jesus said He will give us a lighter burden of his word. Rev Lucy received a conviction from the Holy Spirit for ladies. She obeyed the voice of the Lord and went allover the country raising women to a greater impact. Through this ministry, many have found direction and refuge. It is pillar for many who have sought for strength.

Children Ministry

The future of every generation is secured by the investments in children. Raise up a child in the ways of the Lord and they shall not depart from it. Our goal which has been working, is raising children in the excellence of the Word. The knowledge of God is what changes an individual and gives direction. Our current ministry is run majorly by adults who were once in Sunday school and because of the great investment we have a strong and dependent church because they were raised every since their childhood through Sunday school.
We have online Sunday school services every Sunday from 9:00am. In all our local churches, our children learn and get knowledge of the word through a curriculum developed for their consumption to cause growth and maturity especially in matters of faith and God



A man is a seed carrier and the devil has made a hunt for this special species and a revelation to Bishop Pius has brought tremendous growth. A purpose driven vision gives direction to a man who leads the family into greatness. Families have been restored and also began and prospering through great leadership.

Ushering Ministry


Ushers are very important in every church. Our ushering department is homely, full of love and welcoming. Our ushers range from the youths to the elderly because we work as a family. Working from an understanding of Bishop Pius and Rev. Lucy are warm in heart, we train our ushers to make everyone feel appreciated and welcome to fellowship with us. To join the ushering team, a vetting process is done there after a training session there after deployment into the assignment.

Intercessory Ministry